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Luke 18:21 “What do you want me to do for you?” asked Jesus to a blind man.  The man had called him Son of David so he must have heard about Jesus being the Messiah.  He called out in faith for Jesus to have mercy on him as Jesus approached his area of town.  Jesus responded by asking him a question.

It seemed like the man had a very apparent need to be healed of blindness. I wondered why Jesus felt the need to ask the guy what he wanted when from all accounts, it was a healing of eyes that would make this guy’s day! Jesus made a point to ask this man the question that has been replaying in my mind lately: “What do you want me to do for you?” He connected with him much like through his Holy Spirit he speaks to us today.

Jesus gave him the opportunity to express his need. I am so thankful that Jesus still wants me to share my concerns and needs with him in prayer. At times, I’ve wondered if I have lost sight of why I was placed in history at this time.  I am a wife, mom, daughter and teacher but I am also one who can be blinded to what really matters which is to love God and others. I can be stressed by actions of people which can veil my emotional and spiritual vision.  Sometimes, I can’t see past their mistake while forgetting my own issues that could hinder my purpose.  

Like the blind man in Luke 18, I too have a need.  The need is for Jesus to unveil my hindrances, to renew my spiritual eyes to what really matters. On some days, I am blocked from walking in peace and victory because I won’t bring the concern to God in prayer.  It’s easier to harbor the hurt, to let it sit and dock in the waters of my heart. I must hear Jesus ask me, “What do you want me to do for you?” and respond by pouring out my heart in prayer.

Photo by Vlad Stawizki on Unsplash

I know who Jesus is like the blind man who recognized the immense greatness in the presence of Jesus.  I can sense Jesus looking at me like he looked at the blind man.  He already knows my need.  He sees my frail yet faith filled attempts to navigate life.  I have to be willing to see once He opens my eyes.  Life will look different when I see with renewed vision and new purpose.

The blind man processed the world without actually seeing it.  In darkness he made his way through streets with his sense of hearing most likely being amplified.  Jesus knew that the man would have a drastic change if he could finally see the world, see the details and see the hurting. The world will also change for me when I see Jesus share truths that wash away hurt which then will likely reveal a new tenderness for others.

So Jesus just used nine words, “What do you want me to do for you?” to let himself shine and shape the next moments.  When the guy responded with an answer to be healed of blindness, he couldn’t even begin to imagine the way his world would change once he could see the hues of a sunrise  We’re not told of how drastically this man’s life transformed after he shared with Jesus that he wanted to be healed of his blindness, but I can imagine that his life shifted for the better when his eyes saw the world in focus once Jesus healed him.

It will be different when with eyes of faith I look into God’s word to wash away themes that have gathered and blocked my focus. I look forward to the clarity that the Holy Spirit will provide to me as I meditate on God’s Word and pray.

My prayer:

Help me, Jesus, to be open to what you want to do in my life.  Please help me to see with renewed spiritual eyes and to unveil hindrances that I have harbored.  I need your help and ask you to show me the next steps for my life.  You are the Way, The Truth and The Life.  I trust you and ask your Holy Spirit to guide me into all truth.

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