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My heart rejoiced when I saw the text from my husband. We’ve prayed and sought God’s will, bringing our requests to Him. His text showed me how God is answering the prayer by revealing what He wants us to know. He is doing great things and has done great things in our lives. I have to trust Him and keep a willingness to accept what He says in response to our prayer.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, also accepted God’s plan in the book of Luke when the angel, Gabriel, shared with her that she would be the mother of Jesus. She replied, “How will this be…?” She models how I want to react when God reveals his plans for our family.

Mary’s question was unlike Zechariahs response to the angel. Earlier in the first part of Luke, Zechariah had asked Gabriel, the angel, a different question once Gabriel had visited him. Gabriel told Zechariah to not be afraid because his prayer had been answered to have a son. Immediately, Zechariah said, “How can this happen? I am old and my wife is advanced in years.” I think Zechariah was the model of a worshiper while being at the temple’s altar worshiping when the angel appeared. Of course, Zechariah was startled but I believe he must have already doubted. He had prayed for a son but just had it worked out in his mind that God would never work it out; after all, he and Elizabeth were too old. Their time had come and gone; it was over for them.

But God didn’t think so.

God was about to allow Elizabeth to become pregnant with John. When Zechariah doubted with his question of “How can this happen?” he received the consequence of not being able to talk for nine months.

Mary, on the other hand, when she met the same angel, Gabriel, had a question but it came from a place of trust, of believing that God could do anything. She responded with, “How will this happen…?” The angel shared that God would overshadow her and the power of God would be on her. I am still astounded to even contemplate the details that God worked out to place Jesus inside of Mary’s body but He did it. He knows how to work out the details to accomplish the Great Things that he has planned for us.

Mary’s Song is eloquent and lavishes praise on the God who works it all out. I love Luke 1:49 when she spoke these words, “For He who is Mighty has done great things for me and holy is his name.” Oh yes, there was a reverence for God that Mary understood. She knew that his mighty arm had performed great things. He performed the miracle and made a way where there seemed to be no way, when it didn’t even make sense. God wove the details together and performed an all encompassing work inside of Mary while Mary believed and received the work of His hand.

I am praying, “Father, how will this happen in our lives?” I want to respond from a place of trust not doubt. I love that Mary rejoiced in hearing what God would do. Right now, I encourage you to repeat Mary’s words in Luke 1:49 when she says, “For he who is mighty has done great things and holy is his name.”

I recorded a podcast about this topic and am sharing it below. Believe, my friends. God will answer our prayers. He will accomplish what He wants to do in us. How we respond matters.

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