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“I had a rough day and was just reminded of Psalm 23. #HeLeads”, texted my friend, Charlene. During the previous weeks, she and I had been talking about the deep truths found in the 23rd Psalm. We had coined the hash-tagged phrase “#HeLeads” to remind us in our texts that God does the leading while we learn to follow Him. As I prayed for my friend once her text arrived, I pictured Jesus telling her to come to Him and bring her burdens. I prayed for God to restore Charlene as she laid her burdens down.

Her text had reminded me of the Psalm 23 truths and the restoration that David describes with, “He restores my soul.” Only He can put our lives back together and fill in the empty spaces with His presence. He is the giver of rest and a grand designer so I ended my text back to her with, “#HeRestores”. 

Hashtags help us in social media to organize and follow topics and conversations about a variety of subjects. After using #HeRestores with my friend, Charlene, I began to envision future texts with her to see how God had restored her soul.

I know that in my own life, God has restored my heart and body as I continued to believe His Word. His Spirit has confirmed the direction that I needed to take. What if we encouraged each other with hashtagged truths in texts or in social media as reminders that God is a God of action? 






What if we focus on the truth instead of the doubts and draining moments? When our jobs and responsibilities drain us, we have to first come to Jesus then lay down the load. Sometimes, just simply coming to Him is hindered by our other distractions, but still, we have to come to Him and believe that in His time, He will design the best action for us. It may feel like it has been a day of suffering, but it won’t last forever. 

Lean into these truths, my friend. God will “himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.” Lay those burdens down as you pray and read His Word which is your first step in coming to Him. Once you are meeting with Him, the Holy Spirit will do the work in you breathing life and comfort, restoring and strengthening your heart.

Keep reading His Word and believing in your heart that He will restore, will confirm, will strengthen and will establish you. 

It wasn’t long after my text to Charlene that she texted back, “#HeRestores”. She had received my encouragement and was allowing God to renew and restore. Oh, yes, my friend, let these words go deep and wide into your heart too: #HeRestores

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