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“I love how she designed this space,” squeals that owner of a house which has been redone on TV.  It is quite common place to hear people rave over how someone else has repurposed space in a home and rethought how it could look.  Somehow, if I have to makeover my own family room, it is not as glamorous as if an interior decorator did it.  I know some decorators who always dress with every color and piece perfectly donned.  Sure, they have a knack for knowing what colors and fabrics to place together.  I always feel a bit undone as I see what I am wearing in comparison, but after all, they have natural eyes for styles for the home and fashion.  I like fashion and strolling through home design sections of stores, but I feel a bit timid to commit to certain styles.

While strolling through Target last week with a friend, I spied a piece of abstract art with ocean colors on a tan canvas.  “Oh, I love these colors!” I shared, but followed up with these words, “I have trouble deciding if I will really like it when I get it home.  After returning numerous decorating items to the store, I have become reluctant to buy anything new for my home.”  I told the truth and she understood my misgivings.  It seems as if decorating my home space overwhelms me.

Thankfully, there are some Augmented Reality apps out there for example through Houzz and Ikea which I am learning to use to envision new furniture for my family’s den.  I am looking forward to building various designs with nuances of colors and styles then seeing them in my house and in my lighting with the help of the Augmented Reality apps. I could also call a designer and get extra help.  After all, we will soon need new light fixtures above our kitchen bar, a new couch in the adjacent family room, a new rug to balance the look, accent pillows, wall art, etc.  I have to consider my husband’s wishes because he wants to be able to stretch out on the carpet and take naps while watching a movie so the pile of the carpet needs to be comfy and not just pretty.  Even though I rarely get to sit on the couch in my home, I absolutely will have to try out, along with each member of my family, how sectional sofas feel once we sit in them at stores.  There are so many facets to redecorating our space.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about another kind of space.  I talk to my Father God but I would like to make a better effort to give Him time and space to really speak to me and fill my heart.  If I want to start my days off with hearing from Him, then I must make time and space early in the day.  I will start with the reading of the Psalms and Proverbs and see what God does with the space in my mind which will be devoted to Him.  The Word of God is designed to wash us and cleanse our thoughts while also guiding us into all truth:

Isaiah 55:10-11 English Standard Version 

10 “For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven
    and do not return there but water the earth,
making it bring forth and sprout,
    giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater,
11 so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth;
    it shall not return to me empty,
but it shall accomplish that which I purpose,
    and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.


I love to sit on my bed and read His Word in the evening so I will continue to do this, but I am interested in repurposing my morning space so that He can have the right amount of time to help me.  I know that some of my friends exercise in the morning and process thoughts to prepare for each day.  In my case, I prefer to exercise later in the day.  I think that if I start the day with time set aside to pray and read God’s Word, then He will have the space He needs to guide me into truth and away from negative thoughts.  He is good to meet me where I am.

If the Ikea Place app will allow me to see the texture of furniture, how various shades of lighting look on the furniture and how big or small the furniture will look in my home’s space, then I know that God’s Word will do even more for me.  I hope to zoom in on specific verbs of how God worked in the lives of the Psalmists and then throughout the day, allow the Word of God to show me how it looks to live out a life that is totally trusting in God.  I know that God’s Word will reveal what is really in my heart, sort of like when I look at my old worn out couch, I see wear and tear.  I know that it needs to be replaced, but sometimes I just can’t decide what I want the next couch to resemble.  In the case of God’s Word, it will show me what I need to get into my mind to transform it into what God wants it to be.  I won’t have to guess and wonder what God will want because His Word will make it plain.

I appreciate how God’s Word washes me from the inside out and cleanses the wear and tear from my life.  He will be the one to repurpose events in my life that I might have thought of as bad and use His Word to help me see the event through His lens.  I just love how He keeps making me new.  I really want to spend more time with Him to allow the washing of the water of the Word to do its perfect work in me.

I am also astounded these days with the way that innovative thinkers reclaim wood such as old doors and use them in a way that they were not originally intended.  For example, this wooden swing was made from an old door!  Someone could have taken this door to an antique store not ever thinking that in someone else’s hands, it could be repurposed into something new and beautiful.  I think, sometimes, that I only have a certain number of hours in a day to get things done, but what if, I started thinking about them differently.  What if I gave some time that I had been designating for one thing and allowed God to repurpose it?  Perhaps I could feel a reshaping or that spending time with Him would allow Him to reclaim an area of my life.

Door Swing


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