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To:  My children as they begin school

From:  Your mother

So what are you?

So happy?

So caring?

So special ?

So intelligent?

So pretty?

So amazing?

So talented?

So determined?

So excited?

So Loved?

I hope that you know that you are all of these things that I wrote, but most of all you are so loved.  Loved by me, your dad and your grandparents.  I think it is so incredible that before I knew you, God knew you and he loved you.  You were His idea.

God lets us know that he “so loved” you that He gave His one and only Son so that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.  This idea comes from John 3:16 in the Bible.  I learned this verse as a child and it comes forth in my heart today as I share with you that you are loved.

At the start of school, you are feeling many emotions and thoughts about what is ahead.  You frame your thoughts by what has been.  You must know that God has held you since He allowed you to exist.  He cared about the details of each of your bodies.  You were knit together meaning that he wove you into you.  It was all His idea to combine my genes and your dad’s genes to arrive at the exact masterpiece of you.  He so loves you.  He will continue to open doors, allow new friendships, develop existing friendships, ignite your passion in life and help you to reach your goals.  He knows what’s ahead.  I don’t know, but He does.  He so loves you that He is working out all of the details for your good and for His Glory.

I have reflected again this week on what it was like in the days before you were born since one of you just had a birthday.  I like to relive those moments.  I’ll admit, I was uncertain about what life would be like before you all came into my life.  Would I be a good Momma?  Would I know what to do?  I have never been perfect but I have tried to parent you to be courageous and kind while placing my trust in Jesus, my Savior.  The good news is that in prayer, I tell Jesus a lot of stuff.  I tell Him how mad and how sad I get sometimes, how helpless I am, how hurt I’ve been, how I need Him.  I have asked Him to provide for us and to guide us into all truth.  I can tell you that you have seen the best and the worst of me.  Without a doubt, He is helping me each day to be your mom.  I want you to know that I love you and will love you forever.  Your dad loves you too and will never stop.

Sure, our emotions make us think that we are “so something”, but as you go into this new school year, keep “So Loved” at the forefront of your mind.  I love you and want you to remember that you are discovering your gifts and building your skill set which will go with you always.  No matter what happens, you are so loved and so adored by God and by your dad and me.

The new backpacks are packed with your teachers’ required items:  Notebook Paper, pencils, binders, calculators, index cards, highlighters, pens, mechanical pencils, composition notebooks, tissues.  The groceries for lunch are in order for your first week back in school.  The first day of school clothes are ready.  Alarm clocks will be set.  I will miss our lazy summer days.  But, it’s your time to transition to the next level.  Stay focused, laser focused on two words:  So loved.

I love you.

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