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My week will be emotional.

My oldest child concludes her first year of high school.  My youngest child finishes fifth grade and moves on to middle school.

I am so proud of my children and am so happy that I am their Momma.  Time went too fast but I decided that I wanted to share my heart in this blog post about this special time.

My kids have gone with me for the past 10 years to my school where I teach.  My oldest child started Kindergarten at my school then finished fifth grade there four years ago.  My youngest child also completed K-5 at my school.  For the past 10 years, I have had one or both of them in the van with me on our way to our school.  I love the school where I teach and have loved that my children could go to school with me.  I will admit though, I get a bit teary eyed to think that neither of them will go with me to my school next year.

I know that transitions are a must and that they have to move on.  I welcome the joys that lie ahead.  It just seems like the past 10 years just flew.  I blinked and each year passed too quickly.  I made lunches.  I took them to piano lessons.  I conducted Science Olympiad Club for four years in honor of them.  I took them to musical rehearsals and dance practices.  I tried so hard to give them a Christ centered childhood because I love Jesus.  They also love Jesus.  We go to a wonderful church and discuss Scriptures and biblical principles to guide their character development.  I shopped for them and with them.  I have laughed and cried with them.

I know that they are just beginning their journey into life.  They have taught me more than I ever learned in my formal schooling.  They are so loved and are full of life.  I am looking forward to the future but have to say “So Long” to what has been.  We are closing this chapter and starting a new one.  Some people have favorite things.  I will say my favorite thing in this world is being their mother.  I have loved every minute of being their mom.  I plan to keep teaching at their elementary school.  After all, I have been there for 10 out of 24 years as a teacher.  I will miss them being with me.  I really will.

God has such big plans for them.  I have been entrusted to care for them and know that the middle schooler and high schooler still need a ton of care and help.  It’s just that I am realizing more and more that God is the one who is revealing their talents.  I feel overjoyed to see their fingers fly on the piano and to hear them perform in acting roles.  I love music too so when I see that they have gravitated toward some of my interests, it makes me smile.  I am excited to see what is next and pray that we can all enjoy every minute.  They are my greatest blessings in my life!

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