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Tonight, my family piled into the van so we could drive around town looking at holiday lights.  We turned down that special street then suddenly, it was New York City!  Millions of lights sparkled piercing through the darkness.  Santa stood at the end of a driveway as cars slowly rolled by stopping to talk to him.  He handed out candy canes while carols played from speakers.  

I loved the big JOY sign in the yard.  I see it each year but this year it really stood out to me.  We had been singing and continued to sing Christmas songs in our van even after we left the spectacular scene.  The joy and animation of my children lifted my heart.  We raised our voices and rejoiced.  I loved every minute, every moment.

I don’t want to miss the moments of Christmas.  I am holding on to these joyful moments:

1.  Jumping in the van to see lights and sing with my family

2.  Hearing my oldest child’s choir sing melodies of the season last week

3.  Seeing my children wear holiday headgear and Santa hats

4.  Rejoicing with my church choir as they celebrated the birth of Jesus in music

5.  Watching and listening to my children play memorized piano pieces at their Christmas Piano recital where they played “The Holly and The Ivy” and “Believe” (The Polar Express theme)

6.  Packing and sending Operation Christmas Child boxes (Visualizing the two children who will open our gifts to them!)

7.  Finding the exact amount of pretty red velvet bows to replace what has become the orange velvet ribbons on my wreaths which hang on our house windows.  I’ve had the old ones for 15 years!   I’ll use the new bows next year!

8.  Finding Dewey’s Bakery’s Ginger Spice and Sugar cookies to purchase at the mall (my favorite from Dewey’s is Ginger Spice!)

9.  Wrapping gifts and giving them to friends, family and people to whom God directs me 

10.  Remembering why we can celebrate and have joy all year because of Jesus!

Merry Christmas!  Joy to the world!  The Lord has come!

I hope you are filled with joy and find moments to celebrate throughout the Christmas season!

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