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Psalms 92:4 “For you make me glad by your deeds, LORD; I sing for joy at what your hands have done.” NIV

Today I am celebrating life:  Specifically, the lives of all of the babies in heaven and all of the lives of children on Earth.

My precious friend, Margot, published a blog post today.  This is her first Mother’s Day weekend in which she is holding her baby.  She and her husband held on to hope and prayed for God to grant their desire to have a healthy baby.   I have previously blogged about what I learned by praying for them as they experienced many hurdles to becoming parents.  I have rejoiced as she has given us updates each week on how her baby is doing, but seeing Margot rejoice in her blog today, caused me to want to celebrate all the more,  especially as we enter Mother’s Day weekend!

She included in her blog a list of “firsts” that she has experienced during the last six months since her child arrived.  Seeing her list of “firsts” has helped me to celebrate with her in the miracle of life which she holds each and every day.  Knowing that she loves on her little baby each day and has experienced so many “firsts” with her gives me confidence that God had a special plan to help Margot, her husband, their families and friends.  We have seen how God provided in their miraculous story which is a constant reminder to me to trust God in all things.

I smile and cry happy tears when I read how she composed her list of firsts.  Some of her lines about her child go like this:

“She’s the first one to make me…

She’s the first one to provide…

She’s the first one to teach me…..

She’s the first one to light….”

There is such joy in being a mom which is abundantly evident in Margot’s blog today.  I am a believer that we can trust God to give us the desires of our heart.  Margot’s baby arrived last Fall and all of us who were watching and waiting online breathed a sigh of relief when the pictures started popping up on social media to let us know that baby had arrived.  They were on the other side of the world to welcome their miracle.  While Margot and her husband waited on God for an answer to prayer, they had no idea what would be in store for them.  They are now getting daily does of love from their baby and are being filled with joy.

God is using their answer to prayer to make them rely on Him more and more, to provide for them, to teach them and to light their hearts.  They have other children who are in heaven.  We miss them and celebrate them.   I know, though, that this child whom they hold in their arms, is God’s gift to them.  For this child they prayed, like Hannah in the Bible when she prayed to have a child.

I celebrate my friend Margot on this Mother’s Day weekend!

Father God,

Thank you for providing a miracle.  I thank you for how you are daily filling Margot and her husband with your joy and love.  You are the one that we praise for this miracle.  We rejoice in your deeds.  The work of your hands in forming this child is abundantly evident.  You know how to weave us into the people we are.  I ask that you continue to bless Margot, her baby and her family.  She does not take for granted what you have done.  Bless her always, dear Lord, for her faith in you and allow hope to continue to spring up in her heart.  Thank you, Jesus, for answering prayer for Margot and her husband.  Thank you for listening to all of us as we believed in you to create a life and to allow us to experience that life on Earth.

For it is in the Strong and Mighty Name of Jesus I pray.

Your daughter,




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