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I am participating in a course offered by WordPress called “Blogging 101”.  I thought that I would post regularly on this blog every other week on Sundays, however, during this course, I would like to share my assignments and get feedback from my readers.  So far, there have been two assignments.

The first assignment was to revisit my purpose for blogging.   I refined my goals as being to comfort readers, to share how I am comforted by God and to feel connected to readers by sharing intentional moments through my blog posts.  My second assignment was to think about my blog’s name and tag line.  Even though the url is, I have decided to give my blog some sizzle by naming it a bit different from the url while also throwing in a tag line.  Tag lines are often under utilized to express more about the blog in a few short words.  In a time when few blog readers take the time to read the”About Me” page, I must capture their attention like a good marketer and make them feel that it will be time well spent as they read my words.

Have you ever heard someone say, “It’s about time you showed up!”  Maybe you were running late or you finally joined a group.  My blog’s new name is “It’s About Time”.  The tag line is “Time well spent”.  I made the choice to rework my title and tag line for many reasons.  When I first coined “”, my vision was to share how I intentionally spent time with God, family and friends.  I think that “It’s About Time” engrains itself in potential and current blog readers’ minds making them hungry to know for what it is about time in my life.  In order for people to read my blog, they have to feel that their lives will be better as a result of reading.  My time is the one thing that I can control.  When others see the new blog title, I hope that they will ponder that they will get something by reading about how I have spent my time and energy.  Hopefully, they will see that it was the right moment to share my times when I have been inspired, been creative, been reflective and been encouraged.  I’d like to think that through my blog, readers would leave refreshed, inspired and comforted while seeing how God is at work in my life.  I am just one of many who love and trust God.  I want to offer my thoughts as a way to lift up others and bring glory to God.

Now, on to the tag line.  I didn’t have a tag line before now.  I chose to allow my tag line to be functional, simple and memorable.  My tag line of “Time well spent” explains what readers will see in my blog.  I felt that my tag line should precisely communicate an emotion that has affected and gripped me.  My blog has spoken of the benefit of spending time well leading to joy and comfort in my soul.  My mission is to continue to spend time well with God, my family and friends while nurturing healthy relationships.  I will focus on the fact that there are times to rejoice, a time to live life to its fullest, times to admit wins and losses and time to be comfortable in my skin.

My story is a collection of time well spent.  It’s simple.  My life is about choices with time.  I have chosen to see and to open my eyes to what has been and what lies ahead.  “It’s about time” that I share.  Sharing my moments and lessons learned helps me continue on a path to clarity and newness.  As I shared in my post “Happy”, I survived a horrible pit and am now living and walking on a new path of hope and healing.  It’s about time that I have a space to share my thoughts and to overcome as I give God the glory for the great things He has done in me, for me and through me.  I hope you like the new name and tag line.  Please let me know your thoughts.

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