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At the moment of the commotion, I paused. Through the bathroom wall I knew something was wrong from the uproar that I just heard. Immediately, I heard my oldest child crying. It was real. I ran to the top of the stairs and saw her sitting on the landing of the staircase wailing. “Oh no,” was all I could think. I approached her as I gingerly walked down six steps. “Did you fall, honey?” I asked. “Yes, ouuuuch, ouuu!!!” she replied. Little sis went to get the ice pack. I thought the foot would need ice to comfort and help. Thankfully there was no swelling. While the ice was working I prayed aloud. “Lord, thank you for not letting this be worse than it is. Thank you for taking care of her. Please help her feel better.” She reclined onto the wall where little sis had brought a pillow. Red splotchy faced and alarmed, she stopped crying. Suddenly, upon moving her foot to a new position on the ice pack, she winced in pain. The pain came from the heel and down the center of her foot, radiating out. “Honey, I think we should take you to the doctor to find out what is wrong,” I spoke. She agreed. I threw on my clothes because we were both still in pajamas. She scooted down the stairs. As her crutch, I helped her to the van as she could not bear to put any weight on her foot. Calmly we drove to the children’s Urgent Care near my home. A wheelchair was summoned by little sis after we slowly exited the van and walked toward the door. The nicest doctor examined her and poked around on her foot. “If it was broken, she would not have been able to stand it when I pressed all around her foot.” An X-Ray was ordered to be sure, but the doctor did not see any sign of a fracture. Of course, a radiologist will read the X-Rays and hopefully concur with the doctor, but thankfully, there is just a sprain. In the end, they gave her some Motrin, wrapped her foot in an Ace bandage and provided crutches and sent her home with a sprained foot. “Treat it with RICE,” the doctor told me.


R = Rest

I = Ice

C – Compression

E = Elevation

“The best thing for it will be to rest it and not be on it a lot this weekend,” the doctor explained to us. We left, got Chick-Fil-A for lunch and headed home.

My little patient has been following doctor’s orders. I have provided ice cream and helped her get around the house. She has been sleeping this afternoon giving me time to reflect on the day.

I am so glad that I had read a scripture in the morning which was Matthew 14:27 at the prompting of the Lord from the New Living Translation of the Bible. Instead of the disciples hearing a noise like I did today to jolt them into an awareness, they saw what they thought was a ghost walking on the water. At the moment when they cried out in fear, this is what happened:

v. 27 But Jesus spoke to them at once. “Don’t be afraid,” he said. “Take courage! I am here!”

The fact that Jesus spoke “I am here!” reminds me of Exodus 3:14 where God told Moses, “I AM WHO I AM. Say this to the people of Israel: I AM has sent me to you.” God will be what He needs to be at the moment we cry out. I am thankful that the Holy Spirit protected my child and gave me calm assurance that all would be well. He brought us peace when we were frightened. He gave her proper care through the doctor’s exam, diagnosis and treatment. He gave us all courage to go through this. I know He is always with me, but the act of calling out to God and asking for help allowed us to feel peace in a turbulent accident. His Spirit in us gave us courage to deal with the unexpected.

I would like to end my post by sharing “The Great I AM” song which is sung at my church by our choir. It proclaims God as “The Great I AM”  today better than any other words I could say.


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