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Last week while being a church camp counselor, I met an amazing family.  Steve and Sandra Hogue, after dealing with infertility, decided to meet not just their own need to have a child, but to provide a family for children known as orphans in America.  I didn’t realize it, but there are 100,000 children in foster care waiting to be adopted.  I was astounded to realize that Steve and Sandra Hogue have adopted eight of these children.  Each of their children participated in ministry through music and leading worship.  I even got to work with one of their daughters as she participated in my cabin’s events like swimming, boating and riding horses along with cabin devotions.  There was an incredible peace that exuded from this family, one that only God can provide.

I just felt like sharing their story today and wanted to share their website.  On it, I recommend that you watch their video on their home page.  As the four minute video plays and Steve, Sandra and their children tell their story, glimpses of broken pieces of stone are placed into the shape of a heart.


I know that God has a plan for each of our lives.  As I have prayed for Jesus to guide my life as I follow Him, I have seen Him illuminate dark places in my life and put the pieces of my life back together.  Even though I have not adopted children, I realize that I have been adopted into the family of God by having faith in Jesus.  I am not alone.  God’s love penetrates my mind and daily heals me.  Jesus paid a great price for me to have His Spirit to live and work in me.  I am the temple of the Holy Spirit according to His word.  I belong to Christ and as a believer, I seek Him to provide for my needs.  Thankfully, I can worship Jesus and praise Him for the joy that he gives as he pours into my heart and renews me.

One of precious friends has faced infertility over the past four years and has decided to rest her body.  Perhaps during this period of rest, she and her husband will sense renewal and continued hope.  After watching my friend go through heart break time and again, I never want to be insensitive and say the wrong thing to anyone, especially those who have lost a loved one.  God is lighting my friend’s path and taking her to opportunities that are bringing Him glory. I am also praying for her that she will continue to follow Jesus and in doing so, will have His light to guide her and her husband into next steps, whatever they may be.

My post today is written in a place of hope.  I saw with my own eyes how the Hogue family has offered healing to their eight children and seen them boldly share Jesus.  All of the Hogue Crew is helped by Steve and Sandra’s willingness to open their hearts.  God calls us to be members of the body of Christ and work in ministry areas where he has equipped us.  My prayer today is that God would help me to offer hope to the hurting and healing to the broken.  As a public school teacher, I am presented with the opportunity to work with 1,200 children as the Technology Teacher and to build a home with my husband and my children.  Wherever God has placed you, be open to how to help the broken around us.  One of my daughters drew the picture in the sand at the beach two weeks ago which I placed in this post.  Our children need us and want us.  As a wife, parent and teacher, I need God to fill me with His Spirit daily which enables me to be all that he has called me to be and do.

Steve has developed amazing children’s ministry resources involving interactive computer games, upbeat Christian music and Bible videos. You could also check out their Ministry Resources tab to see the resources that He developed as a Children’s pastor alongside his wife.  They are now USA missionaries promoting ministry to orphans in America.

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