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Compassion, Jesus, trusting God


Go back in time to a remote mountainside in Israel where crowds by the thousands had followed Jesus. He healed legs so they could walk, made blind eyes see and gave voice to those who could not talk. Can you picture him with thousands of men, women and children...

Keto Meal Planning

Lovely Meals

I have been trying recipes that are new to me. Ordering the groceries online, picking them up in the safety of my car and unpacking them at home has given me the feeling that I am empowered to cook. Preparing meals that are low carb or Keto is helping me stay...

Holy Spirit, Jesus, trusting God

The Unexpected

God’s plans for us are not always apparent.  Just as the strange closing of public places seemed to isolate us and interfere with our lives during the Coronavirus pandemic, sometimes there are situations that develop which we could have never seen coming that...

Holy Spirit, Jesus

Great Things

My heart rejoiced when I saw the text from my husband. We've prayed and sought God's will, bringing our requests to Him. His text showed me how God is answering the prayer by revealing what He wants us to know. He is doing great things and has done great things in...

Jesus, Seeking God

Come and See

Season 2 of my podcast, Garage Pod, launched today! I invite you to come and see, or come and listen! Here is the link to my Podcast:

Heart, Jesus, Marriage, sin, water

Spiritual Lenses

After a routine eye exam, I asked the optician technician in the doctor’s office to adjust my glasses.  I thought she could do it.  After all, she was a hired employee who would have been trained.  Instead of performing my request to tighten my glasses to fit...

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