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Soul Care

I have meditated for the past two weeks on Hebrews Chapter 11 during my Quiet Time. As I stilled myself on the porch of our rented beach house at Holden Beach, NC at the break of dawn last week, I noticed the sky changing from dark to purple to pink to orange, then...


What Jesus Does When We Get In A Bind

A few weeks ago, an 8 year old boy walked over to me in my classroom moving slowly, shuffling his feet.  In almost a whisper he released, “Can you help me?” “Sure,” I replied.  “What do you need?”  At that moment, I looked down to the floor and...

trusting God


As an elementary school teacher, I am asked the same question every day, "May I go to the restroom?". Of course, I allow the children to use the restroom but there can be times when they will miss out on the most important part of the lesson if they are allowed to...


Lead Me to the Cross

During the Easter season, I've always enjoyed the pretty colors of jelly beans. In honor of the love that Jesus had for us to die on the cross and rise again, I have composed a poem with rhyming stanzas that highlight colors in a jelly bean bowl. I pray that you...

Jesus, Seeking God

The Problem in the Pantry

The stench gripped my nose. I felt like I could throw up. Normally when you open a pantry, you shouldn't feel a regurgitation reflex, but recently, it happened. In my pantry! So, when a family member opened the pantry closet door, the awful oder creeped through the...

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What Is Possible Now?

Change is coming.   Have you felt the hope that is springing up?  It has been a year since I taught students face to face at my school.  For me, I will be returning to teach them face to face soon while also teaching students at home on Zoom. This hybrid...

Compassion, Jesus, trusting God


Go back in time to a remote mountainside in Israel where crowds by the thousands had followed Jesus. He healed legs so they could walk, made blind eyes see and gave voice to those who could not talk. Can you picture him with thousands of men, women and children...

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