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Today, I put together an Animoto video that highlights moments from my summer so far.  We’ve been out of school for a month so there’s another month of summer left.  I am trying to cherish each day.  I’ve posted the video in this blog post below. I am also participating in Ruth Ayers’ Weekly Blog Link-Up.

My friend, James, went to be with the Lord today in heaven.  My heart is heavy for his wife, daughter and grand daughter, but it has caused me to stop today and just think about all that is good in my life.  I drove two hours away last Monday to visit with James and Tina at the Hospice Care location where he had just been placed.  His cancer had caused organ damage.  I sat with them for an hour.  Tina and I reminisced.  We laughed.  We cried.  James slept.  As we prayed around his bed, I knew this would be the last time that I saw him alive on Earth.

I will miss his big smile that he flashed at me whenever I got to visit my old church when we visited my parents where Tina and James also went to church.  He was always so glad to see my family and me.  Tina and James served the Lord faithfully.  My own children were so blessed to attend Vacation Bible School which she led for years.  She has patiently been by his side throughout his journey with cancer from 2008 until now.  I saw such grace and love in her as she posted updates on Facebook about James’ condition.  She told us this week that her grand daughter wondered if Jesus would have a bed for James in heaven.  In usual style, Tina let her know that Jesus would take very good care of James when he had to leave.

I shared with Tina a song that had been ministering to me throughout the last two weeks and any time that our church choir sings it.  It is called “Take Me To the King” by Tamela Mann.  It speaks of our broken hearts being all that we have to bring as our offering to God.  I love that the Holy Spirit prompted me to mention the song to Tina.  God used this same song to minister to Tina.  I pray that God will comfort and mend her broken heart.

I also have been amazed by how my hour with Tina and James caused me to pause and reflect on my own relationship with my husband.  We love each other with all of our hearts.  We have seen what our vows predicted:  sickness, health, times of want, times of plenty.  Cherishing your spouse is a choice that we make.  I am certain that he knows exactly what to say to melt my heart.  It is my hope that he can see me cherishing him by my words, actions and time.  I have gotten up early this week to make him breakfast.  It’s not a lot, but it’s something I can do during summer vacation.  We’ve laughed a lot through tears lately.  We want to make choices that honor God and each other.  My prayer is that God will help us as we journey through the path that He has given us to walk together.

Here are my reflections on summer in my video:

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